Crossing Lines I


Size: 24×36″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Size: 24×36″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Canvas Depth: 1.5″

Year Created: 2021

In a world with so much turmoil among people, the artist created her latest abstract, Crossing Lines I, as a reflection of how she felt things were and how she hoped they would grow to be. The strong bold lines of various colors represent people of different races and ethnicities, walking together. The black splashes represent her despair in how many people have treated others unfairly and unequally. The punchy blue splashes represent her hope for serenity and peace to ensue and for people to accept each other as individual human beings with full complete individual lives of their own. May the hate and killing stop and let’s all find a way to coexist peacefully.


Additional Information:

All artwork, except where noted, comes ready to hang using picture wire and screw eyes. Before shipping, all artwork is wrapped in glassine paper using gaffer tape then packed using paper, not plastic, to protect the piece from any harsh elements, mold, or mildew. Every artwork comes with an original Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist that documents the original artwork including an image of the artwork, the artist, title, year produced, size, and medium(s) used to produce the piece.


Color Disclaimer:

PLEASE NOTE: We have done our best to represent all artwork colors accurately online, but the color calibration of computer monitors can vary considerably. These photographs are a very close representation of the actual colors of the artworks. Due to photographic reproduction limitations, exact color fidelity can be difficult to obtain. Actual samples should always be viewed before making a final decision, especially if color accuracy or matching is key to your decision.


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