Time Slipping Away


Size: 20×20″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Size: 20×20″

Canvas Depth: 2.5″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year Produced: 2019

Inspired by Dali’s melting clocks artworks, the artist created her own version, Time Slipping Away, which differs in a few aspects from Dali’s versions. In this version, the numbers on the clock are actually falling out of order. In addition, the artist created this as a tale of the melting clock at night.

She uses beautiful metallic copper on the tree details and the clock making the painting shimmer as it sits on a 20×20” museum canvas at 2.5” depth.

This painting is perfect on the wall of a home office or office environment as a reminder to take time for yourself every so often and to not let the time slip away.


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All artwork, except where noted, comes ready to hang using picture wire and screw eyes. Before shipping, all artwork is wrapped in glassine paper using gaffer tape then packed using paper, not plastic, to protect the piece from any harsh elements, mold, or mildew. Every artwork comes with an original Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist that documents the original artwork including an image of the artwork, the artist, title, year produced, size, and medium(s) used to produce the piece.


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