Enigma I


Size: 24×36″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


In her latest striking abstract painting, Engima I, the artist creates a 24×36” artwork with a glowing yet color-washed look for the background using several shades of gray, silver, and black creating an almost wood-like finish. She then adds an oval pattern of deep black crossing lines placed upon the center glow of white. A crimson with a deep violet undertone shape accents the piece giving monochromatic artwork a hint of color. What is the artist trying to convey here? It’s really an enigma to figure out…

A perfect selection to hang in a living room, bedroom, office, conference room, or lobby.

Other artwork options with the same eye-catching play with lines include Portal, Crossing Lines I, Seduction I, and At War with Peace in My Mind.

Please Note: The 16×24″ print does not include a mat.

Size: 24×36″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Canvas Depth: 1.5″

Year Produced: 2020


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